Speech & Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) hold a Masters degree, or equivalent, in communication disorders and are eligible for membership/registration in BCCSHP (BC College of Speech & Hearing Professional/SAC (Speech & Audiology Canada).   SLPs have expertise in language development and the connection between oral language and literacy.  They have coursework in reading acquisition, learning disabilities, language acquisition and social/emotional development.    Understanding the typical developmental path of speech and language learning allows the SLPs to make a unique contribution to the student’s program and team.

In an Itinerant capacity, Speech Language Pathologists provide consultation, assessment and intervention for students with speech and language difficulties with a view toward minimizing the impact of communication disorders on student learning and social interaction.

Description of Services:

The goals of the speech-language program are:

  • To identify and evaluate speech and language disorders of students in the public school system
  • To maximize the communication potential of speech-language disordered students in the public school system
  • To work closely with parents/guardians, teachers, CEAs and other professionals to maximize the benefits of direct service and to assist with everyday management.
  • To provide consultative service and direct support services to school personnel regarding speech-language based learning difficulties
  • To assist with integration of speech-language disordered students into the regular classroom
  • To promote awareness of normal speech-language development and identification of speech and language disorders by means of public information and in-service sessions to related professionals
  • To maintain reports and assessments surrounding current caseload
  • To provide training for school district personnel


A formal Referral to Student Services for SLP support must be written and submitted from the School Based Team documenting all the student’s communication challenges and educational concerns that the SBT feels are related to the student’s speech and/or language issues