School Psychologist

School Psychologists play a supportive role in the identification, assessment, planning, implementation, reporting and evaluation process. School Psychologists have specialized training in both psychology and education. They hold a minimum of a master’s degree and may also be certificated teachers. Core training includes graduate level coursework in the following areas:

Description of Services:

  • Provide pre-referral collaborative consultation
  • Consulting with teachers and School Based Team (SBT) regarding student needs
  • Provide specialized assessment for students K-12 for learning and behaviour concerns prioritized by the SBT
  • Identifying students who meet Ministry of Education criteria for special education
  • Assisting families in obtaining services in the community (i.e. medical, counselling, social services, etc.)
  • Assist with adaptation and modification of the curriculum
  • Referring students for other district services
  • Assist in the planning and development of the IEP
  • Assist with development of transition plans
  • Provide professional development activities
  • Work with students to promote self-advocacy
  • Liaise with community and inter-ministerial agencies

Referral Process:

  • Pre-referral collaborative consultation with School Based Team (SBT) as the forum to gather classroom-based data, design and/or implement instructional strategies, and access district, community and/or provincial support to enhance access to the curriculum.
  • All referrals for school psychology services must be made through the School BasedTeam (SBT).


Assessment only occurs after there has been pre-referral consultation.   Assessment may include some or all of the following practices:

  • Observation
  • File Review
  • Interviews
  • Assisting with interpretation of A and B Level school-based assessments.
  • Administration of Formal C-Level assessments (restricted in use to school psychologists) such as measures of perception, cognition/intelligence and adaptive behaviour.


Formalized assessment findings are documented in a written report, which is shared with the parent/guardian, relevant school-based personnel and, when appropriate, with the student.

In keeping with best practices and Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPPA), all reports are confidential. They are not to be reproduced without signed permission from the parent/guardian.