Student Learning Philosophy

The Board of Trustees of North Okanagan-Shuswap School District No. 83 believes that the provision of special programming should be based on the assumption that each child in the District, regardless of his/her potential, has the right to a free and appropriate public education.  To this end the Board believes:

  • That the fundamental purpose of special education should be similar to that of regular instruction and aim towards optimal development of the individual as a skillful, free, and purposeful person, able to plan and manage his/her own life to reach the highest potential as an individual and as a member of society.
  • That educational services and programs should be developed which accommodate both the learning strengths and needs of individual students and should be based on the specific functional level of the children served. These services should be provided in the neighbourhood school.

Specifically, the Board believes that all children with special needs should be provided with planned experiences through appropriately trained personnel so that each child’s development is consistent with his/her capabilities.

The educational program of children with special needs aims toward developing functional independence as adults.  In providing appropriate educational experiences for children with special needs, every attempt must be made to maintain the child within his/her own family constellation, school attendance area and local community.