Inclusion Helping Teacher

The  Inclusion Helping Teacher provides support for identified students by:

  • Assisting in differentiating the curriculum. Differentiating can be done by adapting the content, process, product, pacing and/or learning environment.  All programming for gifted students is outlined in the Student Learning Plan.  The Learning Plan outlines strategies used to meet the learning needs of the identified student.
  • Individualizing academic tasks to provide challenge and choice for students. The curriculum can be compacted to give students time to work on other activities that support developmental growth.
  • Leadership and creative problem-solving clubs and extracurricular activities, such as Math Challengers, Canadian Math League Contests & Writing competitions are available to identified students.
  • District Seminars usually occur 3 times a year. These events are designed to support the interests and learning needs of the identified students.  District Seminars will be open to identified gifted students as an optional support.  Parents are required to make transportation arrangements for these events.

Referral Process

 A formal District Referral form for gifted support must be written and submitted from the School Based Team documenting the needs of the child and requests for service and testing.