We believe…

Services to students with special learning needs in the North Okanagan Shuswap School District No. 83 are based on the belief that all students can learn. 

Students with exceptionalities have access to broad, collaboratively developed, goal directed individualized educational plans. It is understood that students with exceptionalities require differing degrees of support in order to participate in and benefit from their school program.  

The overarching goal for all students, with a dedicated focus for our students with exceptionalities, is to foster independence whenever possible. To allow students to do for themselves what they are able, empowers them to become competent and resilient community members. 

In SD 83 our philosophy is based on the belief that all students should, whenever possible, receive their education in age-appropriate regular classrooms in their neighbourhood schools.  The school district staff together with the parents work to determine the supports needed for successful inclusion. 

All children benefit from inclusive education. It allows them to:

  • Develop individual strengths and gifts, with high and appropriate expectations for each child.
  • Work on individual goals while participating in the life of the classroom with other students their own age.
  • Involve their parents in their education and in the activities of their local schools.
  • Foster a school culture of respect and belonging. Inclusive education provides opportunities to learn about and accept individual differences, lessening the impact of harassment and bullying.
  • Develop friendships with a wide variety of other children, each with their own individual needs and abilities.
  • Positively affect both their school and community to appreciate diversity and inclusion on a broader level.