Behavioral Specialist

The Itinerant District Behaviour Specialist functions as part of a multidisciplinary team working in K-12 schools. The main responsibility of the Behaviour Specialist is to work with administration and staff in a consultative role to enhance the behavioural and social functioning of students. The Behaviour Specialist will also coordinate supports and assist in determining special education designation for students who are experiencing severe behavioural and mental health challenges.

The Behaviour Specialist role is to support School Based Teams by providing strategies for students who present with on-going and significant behavioural challenges, social-emotional difficulties, mental health concerns and safety issues. These students typically do not respond to general in-class or in-school adaptations for behaviour management. The Behaviour Specialist offers consultative and direct services specific to identified students.  The Behaviour Specialist is also available to provide in-service training for staff and School Based Teams.

Support includes:

  • Individual and team consultation with teachers and support staff
  • Documentation of observations in the form of a consultation report which offers recommendation and interventions
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Development of Positive Behaviour Support and safety plans
  • IEP Progress monitoring
  • School Based Team collaboration
  • Professional Development activities
  • Violent Threat Risk Assessments
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Liaise with outside agencies and professionals where appropriate

Referral Process

After school based team involvement and the provision of Tier I and Tier 2 services/supports, students can be referred to the Behaviour Specialist via the District at Risk Youth Team (DART).