Inclusive Education


School District No. 83 believes that supportive relationships are built upon collaboration and communication among parents, communities, agencies, school staff and students.  These supportive relationships are an integral part of student success.

Successful inclusion supports the belief that all students should, where possible, receive their education in age-appropriate regular classrooms in their neighbourhood schools. The school district, together with parents, determines the support(s) needed for successful inclusion. Inclusion is a continuum of options designed to foster the feelings of belonging, acceptance and community.

To translate this philosophy into successful practice, schools will utilize:

  • Layers of support, involving both SD No. 83 and community agencies, when¬† appropriate
  • Instructional and/or curricular adaptations and modifications based on individual strengths & needs
  • Organizational structures based upon collaborative decision-making
  • Strong home-school and school-school partnerships
  • Support students in being active participants in their learning