Inclusive Education

At the centre of B.C. provincial inclusive education policy are three beliefs:

  • All students are unique.
  • All students are valued.
  • All students can learn.

As a District, we demonstrate our commitment to these beliefs through our policies, procedures, and support systems. We embrace the notion that diversity is the norm, not the exception, and we strive to celebrate the gifts and talents that we believe all students possess. We are a learning organization, committed to reviewing, refining, and reflecting upon our practice to provide the best possible outcomes for students.

School District No. 83 is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment, where all students are meaningfully included and embraced as part of the whole. The values underlying an inclusive learning environment are acceptance, belonging and community. As such, students, staff and parents are members of the learning community. Inclusive learning environments create programming where all students can succeed and where curriculum is planned, developed and implemented with the aim of teaching to the diverse learning needs of all the students in a class.

The British Columbia curriculum emphasizes a student-centred, flexible, and innovative approach to ensure that our students have the necessary competencies that will prepare them for an ever- changing future. We are committed to providing an exemplary learning environment that honours this intent so all students can learn in an inclusive setting.

The District offers a wide range of learning and social-emotional supports and programs for students in order to maintain our commitment to ensuring equitable and meaningful educational experiences for all learners. For more specific information about how support is provided, Individual Education Plans and communicating with your child’s school team, please consult our School District No. 83 Parent/Guardian Guide to Inclusive Supports.

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